Thursday, 5 November 2009

the only way is up.

The Peak in HK is probably the most popular tourist attraction, not such a surprise as it usually sits in the top 5 'must do' in HK guide books. Not a fan of congested tourist spots myself - unless, of course - you can categorise 'outlets' as tourist destinations. I can actually support this theory. Right, here goes....there are infact, several shopping centres and outlets around the world that position themselves as destinations. Take NY for example -  go up the Empire State, dine at Rockerfeller, walk around Grand Central and see the Statue of Liberty and so forth....if you're a serious shopper you allocate pretty much 70% (I did!) of your time going to 'destinational' shopping havens like Fifth Ave, Madison Ave, Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf and blah blah...not to mention - the outlets on the outskirts! OK...this is why I am called a faffer. Why am I talking about NY?

Back to HK....the Peak. Oh I was saying, although I am not the biggest supporter of crowds and waiting - this was worth the wait. The tram itself was an experience. Steep. Very very steep. Caution to vertigo victims. As you reach the begin to fully understand why it is rather befittingly, called The Peak. It seriously is the top of the top of HK. Pics don't do it justice. So give credit to guide book writers and see it for yourself when you come over to visit. I'll come along just for the tram ride. Then I'll take you to some shopping destinations. Tut tut.



  1. I'll hold you to your offer of showing us The Peak and then to the shopping destinations you mentioned if and when we get there. :)

    That's some view! It looks like the game I play, Sim City!

  2. may have to take your word for it, i more than hate heights and would prob pass out en route up there. looks pretty spectacular though, beats the top of centre point!! xx