Tuesday, 27 April 2010

5 months. 26 days. 0 savings.

Uh-oh. Why am I here again? We set out for HK to save and um, well..you could say that kind of er..didn't go to plan. Yet.

So, I'm going to use the blog to help me. Even if noone reads this..I will make myself feel better documenting my hmmmm so called nasty habbit. I call it, weakness. Or depending on the situation..saving solution. i.e. if it's on sale - then the saving is in my pocket - so technically speaking it's a saving - personally.

So here goes..5 months. 26 days. 0 savings.

What did I buy today?

Food doesn't count. Neither does travel (including cabbages/taxis). Neither does maintenance (hair, nails, massage..any relaxation/maintenance blah blah blah). Neither does house related stuff.

So..what did I buy today?

Nothing. Yay!!! Everyday counts..from here onwards.
One day I will post some of the things I did buy before today so I can explain better why the wedding is 5 months. 26 days. 0 savings to date. Explain to me, that is. You can just witness my denial. Or shock.

Oh crap. It sounds worse when it's written down.