Thursday, 29 October 2009

what you gon' do with all that junk?

That's a good question Black Eyed Peas. And that is the same question posed by my balloon (you know who it is - and I mean this in the most endearing way. A very good friend from Oz thought of this...think of holding a balloon...that's me when I hold balloon's hand. Oh, if you need further clarification here - I'll spell it out - tall and I'm not). And if only I can get get get get him drunk. We all know he can drink till the cows come home. So no I will have to continue to creatively stash the junk junk junk junk (necessities - in a girl's world/wardrobe) I am referring to clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and yes...maybe, sometimes, junk. So what do you do if you are living in HK? The flats are Carey Bradshaw apartment prototypes. Here's the situation thus far - the reason for balloon's junk outrage...the storage space is at full capacity. There are 32 boxes in storage waiting to be delivered. Our place of residence is built on top of 700 sparkling shops (photo above is on the same street as our place - less than a minute's walk).

So what am I gon' do with all that junk? His. Not mine.


  1. probably one of the funniest and best written pieces i've read in a long time. it's not too late to catch your calling m'dear xxx

  2. LOL! You've a knack for blogging! Brings me back to when we were little girls reading each others diaries. Keep it up. Looking forward to being entertained more often.

  3. So wait, you're on the same street at the Chanel store? UH OH.